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SIA „Ramkons” is one of the most fast growing companies in the represented industry. The company deals mainly with selling of concrete and reinforced concrete manholes and their components. Owing to new and the most modern installed equipment of reinforced concrete manufacturing in Latvia, we can achieve high quality of goods, offering you the best ones!


Concrete manufacturing process is completely automatized, that ensures stable quality of the manufactured products, regardless of human factor. The manufacturing of concrete manholes is carried out semi-automatically.


Alongside with its standard products, SIA “RAMKONS” offers also manholes with embedded plastic bottoms, landing pontoons, foundations for lighting poles, window lintels, foundation blocks, telecommunication wells, slabs and any other items by individual order.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the manufacturing of concrete and reinforced concrete items without using of high technological quality control. Using newest laboratory equipment, SIA “RAMKONS” has prepared and successfully carried out its production certification in accordance with European standards requirements.


We are proud that our production is on high demand in Latvia and is also exported.


Our highly qualified specialists will answer all your questions. Come to visit us!

About company

The limited liability company Ramkons was founded in 2001 on the basis of the Construction and Assembly Board of the Ministry of Local Industry and is a supplier of concrete and concrete products for construction sites throughout Latvia.

Products used in the construction of sewer and water pipeline networks in Sigulda, Saulkrai, Salaspille, Cheese, Olia, Valmiera, etc. At the moment, the company supports a variety of concrete and iron concrete products, mixtures and buildings of transport concrete.

The company is focused on searching for and deploying new technologies, producing new technical levels. “Ramkons” is a company that develops dynamically, constantly invests in development and expanding its scope. The company’s turnover has increased 4 times in the past two years.

In 2004, a company renovation was launched: a upgraded concrete hub, an increased area of storage rooms, new metal templates for product types, a renovated special transport park. Stetter concrete carriers and Schwing’s powerful concrete pumps are always ready to deliver a concrete mixture in any construction facility. Reinforced concrete products are supplied to the customer by means of autoplatforms equipped with manipulators.

A transport-concrete plant was reconstructed in 2005. Electronic dosing of inert substances and additives makes it possible to produce a high-quality product. Control of concrete production is computerized.

Two further investments in the business were made in 2007: the purchase of a new “TEKA” (German product), the most recent concrete testing laboratory (firm “Controls”, Italy), commissioned in March 2008.

In order to increase production capacity and expand the product mix, the company has purchased a parcel of land for the construction of a new, modern, environmentally safe concrete plant in the Riga area.

Our location makes our products very comfortable on construction sites in areas such as Ādaži, Berģi, Upesciems, Langstiņi, Baltezers, Priedkalne and the entire eastern part of the city of Riga (Teika, Mežciems, Pelavnieks, Purvciems).

By working with our company in any construction cycle, you get a trusted partner in the acquisition of a full concrete works complex.

In conformity with the requirements of the market for construction materials, the company has performed work in the deconstation of its production at the Certification Centre of the Latvian Republic of Sciences (LZA) in accordance with the requirements of European standards and has obtained the CE marking.

The underlying product of the company is high-tech products – concrete groves for wells produced in the semi-automatic vibrating line of Vifesa (Spain). The vibrating line operators regularly go into practice in the manufacturing plant, learning an increasingly complete experience in high-quality output.

The Ramkons is constantly expanding the range of well groves, as well as producing groves according to documentation requirements and drawings of the project. Products of varying height and diameter are manufactured. Groves with a moulded base — “shells”, as well as separate, reinforced base wells consisting of five and more groves, are offered. Reinforced concrete covers are also used for well-covered areas, including a wide range, depending on the estimated load. A new product is a manhole cover of relieved, particularly durable concrete, which is in no way worse than a heavy cast-iron manhole, but three times cheaper than it is in price. The main benefit of the company is a cohesive, rhythmically working collective, highly skilled specialist who loves his work, who has a rich experience of producing all sorts of concrete and concrete structures. Our expertise helps to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

“Ramkons” is interested in continually increasing the qualifications of its employees: regular workshops, internships abroad, employee attestation; close contacts have been established with training institutions preparing new specialists in the field of construction materials production (Riga Construction College, Liepa training centre).

By taking care of the well-being of its employees, the company creates favourable working conditions and grants them a variety of incentives.